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2017 January 22 update #11
Happy new year! (Easy title again ;))

Happy new year!
Let's start this new year strong with many pages (colors + pencil versions) of the Savage Wolverine #6 comic that Joe did in 2013!

That update completes the set of pages of that comic:
I'm very happy and excited by this new year because Battle Chasers NightWar is just around the corner!
Joe recently revealed that the game is planned to be released in July of this year!
And for the backers that pledged enough during the Kickstarter campaign, the alpha should arrive in February or March!
Speaking about Battle Chasers the "December Battle Chasers: Nightwar Update!" by Airship Syndicate revealed 2 new characters in the lore!

Find below the arts (Good resolution) of the Beastmaster(mistress) and the tavern keeper Dogan:
I also added a new unofficial coloured version of an NYCC 2013 Battle Chasers print.
The famous Markovah Taduran (The one that colored multiple gorgeous Red Monika prints in 2012/2013) decided to color that old print.
The result is beautiful (See the "Other" version)!
In addition to those pieces of arts, I decided to create a Youtube Channel for
I decided to do that because I wanted to find a place where I could collect some videos of Joe Madureira (obviously ;)).
I will try to gather as many videos as possible as long as I have the aggrement of the author to do so or if there is no copyright on them...
And who knows, I may be able to create my own exclusive videos from time to time!
Have a look to my humble Youtube Channel dedicated to Joe Mad!! ;)

And to introduce my Channel I propose you to watch that recent video of Joe invited at the Crowfall 12 Hours Livestream:

If you want to know more about Battle Chasers NightWar or CrowFall games click on the links below:
Let's now finish that first update of 2017 with the list of the events where it should be possible to meet Joe in 2017 (Unconfirmed):
I wish you the best for that promising year! ;)

2016 December 20 update #10
Merry Christmas!

2016 will soon come to an end!
It's been 10 months now that is live and I'm very happy to announce the website reached the 100 000 visits milestone!
That's fantastic! Some people asked me to do more updates but this is something I can't commit to do sorry...
That being said I would like you to know I'm still very motivated to update on a monthly basis and to introduce in 2017 some new sections and features! Stay tuned! ;)

Also, thanks a lot for all the very encouraging comments on twitter (@Ulkhror) and by email! This is very rewarding and also a great source of motivation!
And ...

Ok Let's go back to the art of Joe Madureira! ;)

Joe has recently announced a new cover for Justice League Vs Suicide Squad:
For this month again here is some random stuff from the past:
You probably noticed that the crew at Airship Syndicate is very quiet about Batte Chasers Night War.
I hope we will get a big update plus a nice Christmas card just like last year:
Note: You can find 4 other Christmas cards that Joe did over the years by filtering on the Christmas tag on the Home page

Just like you I'm waiting for that Battle Chasers update.
In the meantime you can still enjoy those concept arts I updated with some higher resolution versions!
To finish and because this is Christmas time, here are some exclusive Darksiders concept arts Joe did in 2006!
Thanks again to John Pearl for those! ;)
Note: According to me, the first one has never been published! Not even in The Art of Darksiders!

See you in 2017 and Merry Christmas! ;)

2016 November 24 update #9
Battle Chasers, Cannon Busters, Ultimates 3 and more

Sorry to be so late with that update but hey, I'm still on time for this month! ;)
No particular focus this time except maybe on Cannon Busters.

You can find below all the Cannon Busters concept arts that Joe Madureira did:
Now some more common and uncommon arts:
Just for your information, finding the best resolution and the origin of those pieces of arts took me a little bit of time ;)

And now, last but not least here an exclusive monster concept art Joe did for the game Darksiders!
The Fleamag was excluded from the final version of the game but here is a screenshot provided by Gunfire Games

Many thanks again to John Pearl (Design Director at Gunfire Games) who generously sent me that concept art!
... and many more that I will share with you soon! ;)

Darksiders monster unused concept art:

Stay tuned for the next update and Happy thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate it! ;)

2016 October 22 update #8
Avenging Spider-Man Vol1 issue #2!

A big focus on Avenging Spider-Man Vol1 issue #2 in that update of!
Joe Madureira and Ferran Daniel (Colors) did a tremendous work on that comic (2011) and on my side I've been lucky enough to gather all the original pencil pages on internet!

Simply enjoy those fantastic lines:
For those that want to support Joe and read the comic you can buy the Avenging Spider-Man Vol1 issue #2 digitally on
And if you prefer a physical copy it's still possible to find one in your local comic store.
Personally I order my comics from, they ship internationally and propose to save on shipping costs by sending your comics by set of 12.

Recently I've also received some emails of people asking me where it's possible to buy some original pages by Joe Mad!.
The best place for that is
Joe has sent him his pages directly for years so this is THE official place to buy them ;).
After that you will have to be lucky and search on all the big market places on internet.
That being said, you can have a try on

That's all for now!
Until next time! ;)

2016 September 21 update #7
Sly Cooper concept arts!

I'm very happy to announce reached a new milestone with the cap of the 50 000 visits! (based on a 30-minute max session window)
While it's for sure ridiculous in comparison to many other sites, I consider that a success for a Fansite and it motivates me even more to go on like that! ;)
So thank you to all the visitors and of course many thanks to Joe Madureira himself for all those great pieces of art!

For this month, I added all the concept arts I was able to find about an obscure project Joe worked on while at Vigil Games: Sly Cooper
Here is a little bit more of information about that project directly from Joe MAdureira:
So, back in ancient times, when Vigil was just forming, and Darksiders was but a twinkle in our eye, we created a pitch for Sony to do a Sly Cooper game for PSP. Unfortunately, all I could find were these low res files, and there are a bunch missing which I will try to track down.
Pretty different style for me, and incredibly fun. These were all done circa 2005. And obviously, all rights and characters belong to Sony, so don't do anything crazy with these to get me in trouble.
Joe Mad!
"A bunch of random exploration done for a pitch back in 2005. FUN!":
You can find all those pieces of art on the official public Facebook page of Joe.

Also, since I was a little bit late about all the stuff that Joe & Airship Syndicate revealed during the past months, I thought it was time to catch things up!
Last week Airship Syndicate did a recent and big Battle Chasers NightWar update on Kickstarter.
For that occasion the "pencil" version (Or what I rather call the "texture" version) of the second official key art of Battle Chasers NightWar was revealed!
This is something I was waiting for... Exactly 49 days in fact ;)
Obviously it was impossible for me not to add that one to the site!

And as you can see in that Battle Chasers NightWar update more new arts were also revealed!
But I decided not to rush to add those in that update plus the fact the resolution of those images is still very low so I hope some higher versions will be revealed in the days or months to come!

Ok, here is that stuff:

Last note now regarding the first Battle Chasers NightWar key art:
I added a slightly brighter version. That new version "CoverA" is an official variant!
I remember Joe told me when he was in Paris that the first version was too dark and that he wanted to get a new one.
I didn't have the confirmation but I think this is that version Joe was talking about. ;)

Enjoy, have fun and stay tuned for the next update! ;)

2016 August 16 update #6
Darksiders concept arts!

At last my update about Darksiders!

That update arrives at a convenient time since Nordic Games (Recently renamed THQNordic) as just announced Darksiders Warmaster Edition (Remastered edition of the first Darksiders) for the 25th of October!! I can't wait to play that badass game again!

OK now dealing with my update:
I have to admit that one would not exist without the huge contribution of John Pearl (Design Director at Gunfire Games)
He sent me nearly all the concept arts that are in that update and for that I'm very grateful!
In fact I think all (Darksiders / Joe Madureira fans) should be! ;)
A big "Thank you" to you John!

Except 3 of those drawings ("Scythe progression", "unsued Skeleton", "Phantom Guard"), all are "internet exclusive" (Never revealed on internet but only in books / magazines) or even better: simply never revealed until today!!
Maybe some better resolution versions will surface later on (For sure some exist) but for now that's the best John was able to give me.

Ok let's jump into what that site is all about!

First: some updates with some higher resolution versions!
And now, the new pieces of art added to the site:
I hope you will appreciate that update and for your information, yes there are even more to come! I simply keep them for a future update ;).
So stay tuned for another Darksiders update in the futur!

2016 July 11 update #5
Battle Chasers @E3 2016!

As you probably know the 14-16 of June was the "Electronic Entertainment Expo" more commonly known as "E3".
The game Battle Chasers NightWar (Created by Joe Madureira ... for those that come from another planet or another dimension...) was presented with a first playable demo! The game was really well welcomed despite the fact there was no dedicated Booth.
If you are interested you can view the "live session" that was broadcasted on Twitch.
Following the E3, did a great review of Battle Chasers NightWar
And I was particularly pleased because this review came with many new arts and also some better resolution of arts previously revealed!

So here is below the pieces of art that I updated with higher resolution version (coloured):
And below some new Battle Chasers NightWar pieces of art in High or decent resolution:
I also added a few more pieces from the original Battle Chasers comic (1998+):
That's all for now!
Well... I know I said in the previous update that I would upload some new Darksiders art provided by John Pearl but after all those Battle Chasers arts already added to the site I decided to dedicate that update to Battle Chasers.
But just to honour my promise of last month here is at least 1 "internet exclusive" Darksiders art! :)

Also, just for your information:
Enjoy and stay tuned for the next update! ;)

2016 June 09 update #4
Street Fighter art!

For this update I tried to gather all (or as many as possible) Street Fighter stuff Joe Madureira worked on.

So here is what I was able to gather: As a reminder, don't hesitate to contact me if you have some art not present on this website and related to an area I've already covered!
(Better quality art, alternative versions, new art etc.)

Some pencil versions of some Battle Chasers NightWar art joe did last year popped up on

So I updated the actual colored versions with those pencil versions!
I added 2 art Joe did recently: One is for and upcoming (2016/07/13) Captain America 75th Anniversary comic variant cover.
The other is for an amazing game Joe is particularly fan of: Darkest Dungeon ;)

On the opposite I also added 2 old pieces: ... one is the mysterious ThiefX that may be used at some point by Airship Syndicate! ... who knows? ;)
The second seems to be the portrait of Rezyn, the character of Joe's wife in Dungeons and Dragons.

Apart from that I enhanced and fixed a few things on the website such as Dead links, a new art link per art, the html "alt" tag for images, a better Ajax call and more...

But what I'm really happy with that update is that I added a cool (IMO) Battle Chasers NightWar ad on all the pages of the site! Yes!
I decided to add that "temporary" ad because it seemed to me legitimate to do it:
  • Battle Chasers is Joe's baby and supporting Joe means to me supporting Battle Chasers NightWar too... And because it looks so cool! ;)
  • If I want to see more Battle Chasers stuff in the future (A Battle Chasers 2 LightWar game, a Battle Chasers comic #27, a Battle Chasers anime etc) my interest is to help that project be an even bigger success! ;)
  • And considering this small fan site is a little bit of a success so far (With about 5000 visits per month since launch!!) well... this ad may have a modest but positive impact! So let's try! ;)
Battle Chasers NightWar Order Now Promo art

Now last but not least, John Pearl (Gunfire Games) sent me some new and fantastic "web" exclusive Darksiders concept arts Joe did!
As an example I added that beautiful concept featuring what could have been the birth of War! (Unused) That art was published in The Art of Darksiders Art book by Udon Entertainment
A big thank you again John for that (Even if I'm always asking for more... because I know there is! ;))
So you can all expect more Darksiders arts in the upcoming updates!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for the next update! ;)

2016 May 22 update #3
More than 200 pieces of art!!

This update marks a small milestone for as the total number of distinct drawings by Joe Madureira on the site exceeds 200! (... by one)
While this is ridiculous compared to the gigantic number of illustrations Joe did, personally I'm proud ;).

Ok so in that update I added 16 new pieces of art by Joe!
In particular the comic "The Avenging Spider-Man" Vol1 issue #1 is now fully covered:
You will also find 5 random stuff from the past:
About that: special thanks to Jeromy Cox!
He accepted to share the coloured version of the cover for the comic "Spider-Man: The Manga Vol 1 #28/#29" (1999).

I did some divers updates on some pieces of art too: That's all for now! Stay tuned for the next update! ;)

2016 April 21 update #2
Avenging Spider-Man

For this update I focussed on some pages of the Avenging Spider-Man comic issue #1 of 2011.
That comic was the first official work of Joe after he left Vigil Games and the video games industry so its release was quite anticipated!.

This update is also particular to me because this past week-end I had the incredible opportunity to meet Joe for the first during the "Paris Comics Expo" 2016!! This is something I've waited for many months and meeting Joe was in fact even better than what I expected!
That was and epic and unforgettable event! A dream come true! Joe really considered me as a VIP (It was even a little bit embarrassing ;)).
I was very honoured & deeply touched! I had the pleasure to spend some real time with him to speak, to ask some questions (And I got some information Joe asked me not to reveal about Battle Chasers NightWar ;)).
I also was among the only 4 lucky ones to get a sketch from Joe! I asked for the character of Death (Darksiders) but I hesitated with Alumon, War, Garrison, Aramus, Fury, Strife and Calibretto... I know... too many).
Cherry on the cake, Joe wrote a formidable and kind sentence on the sketch! The kind of unique epic relic you would like to look at every day!

While I'm uncertain if it is only possible to be even more fan of the work of Joe Madureira and the amazing people at Airship Syndicate than I am already, what I know for sure is that after such an experience I appreciate the man even more!

Thank you so much again Joe for everything!

Stay tuned for the next update! ;)

All the images added in that update:
2016 March 22 update #1

Yes! The first update!

I hope this is only the first of many more!
For this update, I was able to cover everything about the unreleased game by Vigil games: Warhammer 40k Dark Millenium Oline.
Joe stated in an interview that he didn't draw that many concept arts about the game.
Most of them were done by many other talented artists at Vigil games.
As a consequence, the only pieces of art I was able to find come from Joe Madureira's Facebook page.
Except some exclusive and excellent concept arts that John Pearl at Gunfire Games kindly gave me! Thanks a lot for that John! ;)

Until Next Time!

Exclusive concept arts given by John Pearl:
All the other images added in that update:
2016 February 25 is live!

I'm very proud to announce that is live!

Since you are here it's normally because you like the work of Joe Madureira just like me.
I hope you will enjoy this fan site as much as I enjoyed creating it (Well that's only the beginning ;)).
First let me invite you to read the "About" section where I answer a few questions you may have.

What can you find on at the moment?

Well, since the Darksiders franchise has a special place in my heart I tried to gather here everything Joe created for Darksiders 1 and 2.
Also, as the 45th proud and delighted backer of the Battle Chasers NightWar project funded on Kickstarter, you can find all the arts Joe did so far for this game (Well what is possible to find at the moment).
I also added some random pieces of art just to prove my will to cover everything Joe did in his career.
In the upcoming updates of this site, I will first cover what Joe did after Darksiders and until today. Then I will cover his past work.
You can expect me to add a minimum of 10 images per month. I will do my best to respect this commitment.

In conclusion, in this first version contains at least 152 pieces of art by Joe and 228 images in total if you count the variants, inked and coloured versions from various artists.

What about the sections in the top menu?
  • "Home" is where you can find all the pieces of art
  • At the top, a menu displays all the tags referring to the images. Use them to refine your search and display only what interests you!
    That's the cool feature of this website! Consider those tags as filters. The more you select the more you reduce the scope of images to display.
  • "Art List" is a listing of all the images contained on this website ordered by date with a link to a dedicated page for each piece of art
  • "Links" contains some links to external useful websites about Joe Madureira and his art
  • "About" is where you can find some general information about
  • "Contact" gives some information about how to contact me
  • "Site Updates" is the place to go to know about the latest updates on this website. New features and new images are listed here!

Well, I think that's all for now!
If you have any remarks, suggestions, identified a mistake/a bug or if you simply want to encourage me you can contact me at this address or you can tweet me @Ulkhror on Twitter! (I tweet a lot about everything I like)

Have fun, stay cool and enjoy! ;)

Special thanks to John Pearl at Gunfire Games for providing me with some exclusive concept arts from Darksiders!

See the links below:
Special thanks to SomaXD / KiraXD(Sean) that accepted to share that photo of this Death sketch Joe did on the back of his Ipad at SDCC 2011!

See the link below:

Also, A gigantic special thanks to my wife that kindly let me work many evenings on that fan site while she was alone! Kisuki! ;)