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Udon x Capcom sketchbook beta

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:35 pm
by Ulkhror
Udon has just announced the "UDON X Capcom Sketchbook Beta": Udon shop for UDON X Capcom Sketchbooks
UDON presents a new 48-page, sketchbook packed with artwork!
UDON X Capcom Sketchbook Beta gathers convention sketches, rough drafts, original line art, and character designs produced by the UDON crew and friends of the studio! Some pieces are pencil art, some markers, some digital, but all show the energy and skill that goes into raw artwork.

Featuring cover artwork by Omar Dogan. CVR A "Cammy" connects with CVR B "Felicia" to form one image of both fighting femmes locked in the ultimate form of competition - video games!

CVR A "Cammy" also features a virgin flip cover, showcasing the same artwork on the back cover, with no logo or text elements.

This special sketchbook is available exclusively through UDON's online shop, and can't be found anywhere else!

UDON X Capcom Sketchbook Beta CVR A
- 48 pages
- comic book format (6.5x10.25")
- no ad pages, it's 100% artwork!
Cover A:
Cover B:
Cover C:
There's at least 1 page with an art by Joe Madureira: The Darkstalkers 4 Demitri variant cover:
You can also find that Darkstalkers 4 Demitri variant cover pencil version on