Do you have some questions for Joe Madureira?
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Do you have some questions for Joe Madureira?

Post by Ulkhror »

I can't promise anything right now but let's imagine that I could send your questions to Joe on a regular basis?
Let's say on a monthly basis or 2 monthly basis (at best :lol: ).

What would be the questions that you would have for Joe?
(Let's make things clear here. Don't ask for "When will you release Battle Chasers #11?" Try to ask some questions more "general", some questions that may still be accurate and valuable over time: about his career, his past decisions etc.

I will select the questions that I consider the best. Then I will send them to Joe and then... I will keep my fingers crossed.
And if I don't get any answer then I may use those questions for an interview later on ;)

Thank you!
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Re: Do you have some questions for Joe Madureira?

Post by Maxmarvel123 »

Which one of his favorite video games he'd like to adapt into comic books?
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