Joe Madureira interview done in 2020 by vandalonline
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Joe Madureira interview done in 2020 by vandalonline

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I was only able to find that interview in Spanish but thanks to Google translate here is a readable version:
Interview Joe Madureira, from Darksiders to Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

The last 2 questions were:

Are you going to stay in the world of video games forever?
I don't intend to quit for now. I'll probably go back to the comics from time to time to do some Battle Chasers comics , when I have time, but as far as I can foresee, as you said before, it's been a while since Darksiders and here I am, non-stop.

One last question, in Darksiders 3 I think you only handled the design of Fury, is that right?
Yes, Darksiders 3 was developed by Gunfire, who I still talk to and are friends with, and they asked me to contribute more on an advisory level, because Fury was not defined when we were working on the series, so that's what I did.
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