Should we get a Discord?
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Should we get a Discord?

Post by Maxmarvel123 »

Even since this forum created, i was wondering there's a chance we can have a chat, bring news, discuss comic books and video games, ask why Joe is so weeaboo ( ;) ), and other stuff on the Discord server.

Do you think we should get that one or do you think it's a bad idea?

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Re: Should we get a Discord?

Post by Ulkhror »

In my opinion it can't be a bad idea but the more there are places where to discuss the less discussions there will be.

Actually the facebook group is well active and that's good.
The forum is... not really active...

So unless "discord" as some super atractive features that everybody want then I doubt that there will be enough activity there.

I still tend to think that the forum is the best "format" compared to facebook and discord but for the moment it seems that I'm wrong :')

After creating the facebook group I wondered if I should create a discord channel... but here again I decided to create the forum instead (even if it was requiring a lot more efforts). For the moment I'm not a big user of Discord and I still want to believe in the forum so I won't try it.

... and, why not a Reddit channel?
... there are probably some channels covering Joe or Darksiders, Battle chasers and Airship already... but here again, it would be another place were to go... Eventually, "social medias" are already taking a lot of time and I should rather limit them in my life so no Discord group for me at the moment. :pleading:

I would like to visit the forum only daily... I do think that this is a the best formal for discussing and following up on some topics.
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