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What is is a fan site created by one among many fans of Joe Madureira! Me! @Ulkhror on Twitter! :).
As of today this Fan site is a collection of images that you can find over the internet (+ some rare arts provided by some very valuable and important people. Thanks a lot!).
If you are curious and you have enough time to search for Joe's art, you may find most of them by yourself! ;)
I try to provide the best quality images and I also try to display the official coloured / inked published versions first but if I find a great non official one I may add it as well.
While some inked or coloured versions may not be the official ones, the pencil versions are only from Joe Madureira! ;).
Why creating a website that is just equivalent to some other great fan sites?
Well... Why not? ;)
The more fan sites about Joe Madureira that exist is the better! Let's spread the world about an artist as talented and creative as Joe Madureira!

That being said, the other reasons are personal:
Why gathering some coloured or inked versions that were pencilled by Joe Mandureira but not coloured or inked by him?
I would say that while I love the pencil versions of Joe for sure, it seems to me that in many cases, Joe's art is sublimated by the work of the colourist and/or the inker (If any). (Ok... it's not always the case ;))
After all, the most famous pieces of art by Joe are probably so famous because of the contribution of talented Colourists as well!?
As a consequence, it seems to me fair to reward those artists as well.
And as I often like saying: "Talent deserves recognition!".
Your fan site is horrible, I don't like it! And there isn't all the stuff Joe did!
I understand this website won't please everybody and that it's far from perfection (Or too simple).
I did my best to do something I consider nice and useful and I have many ideas to improve it... if I see some support ;).
If you want to help me to get better, please contact me at this address or tweet me @Ulkhror on Twitter (Even better ;))! I will be pleased to take your comments into consideration!
Dealing with the number of pieces of art, when I write those lines (2016/01/28) it is obvious that is far from covering all what Joe Madureira produced but more is on the way!
I possess myself many files on my computer that I want to add to this fan site.
imply give me more time to achieve that! I plan to add a minimum of 10 "new" arts per month so stay tuned!
Can you precise the meaning of the date displayed above each art?
This date is an approximative date of when the art has been published or created by Joe.
Since most of the time the date is unknown (only Joe could know it) this date corresponds to when it was published for the first time (On internet, in a magazine etc.)
Sometimes you may find a (?) near that date. It means I was unable to identify when the art was created or published. The date displayed in that case is a pure approximation from my part, that's the meaning of the "?".
Can you explain why some TAGS are in yellow and others in grey in the "TAG menu"?
The yellow TAGS are the "main" TAGS, those I consider equivalent to a "brand" or a dedicated "domain" while the grey TAGS are the common tags or some "sub TAGS" of the "main TAGS".
I will probably reduce the number of tags in the main menu in a near future to improve the user experience...
I have a Joe Madureira piece of art to share, can I send you a scan / image?
Sure! With pleasure!
I'm always interested in adding new content to this fan site so if you think you have a High resolution scan of an original piece of Joe Madureira ...
or a beautiful official digital coloured / inked version of his work that is missing or better than the one I have here please, let me know!
If this is the case you can contact me at this address or tweet me @Ulkhror on Twitter!

Be warned that I won't put an image on this fan site if: You will find below a list of pieces of art by Joe that I know are missing (pencil version) or I know a better version exists.
If you possess one of those I would greatly appreciate if you could share it with me ;).
I will try to keep up to date this list after each update of the site.

Have fun and enjoy! ;)