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Who are the contributors of
I'm very thankful to all the amazing people that generously accepted to share with me some unique pieces of art that Joe Madureira did over the years.
As you probably know, my main source of information and art is simply internet... but I also try to contact some artists or people that collaborated with Joe Madureira.
Sometimes those people are super kind and send me some pieces of art in really good resolution and/or quality.
Sometimes, they even send me some pieces of art that I've never seen before (And I suppose I'm not the only one ;))!
Also, it's always a great pleasure and an honour to be able to discuss with those fantastic people!

Let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Below you can find a complete list of all the contributors to
And if there are some errors or omissions please let me know by sending me an email here:
Alexander Lee (Alex L)
Comic art collector on

Arnold Tsang
Lead Character Concept Artist at Blizzard Entertainment.
Former Artist at UDON Entertainment.
Former Lead Concept Artist at Red 5 Studios.
- Arnold Tsang Twitter page
- Arnold Tsang Deviantart page
- Arnold Tsang Facebook page

Billy Garretsen
Francois Viry
Joe Madureira fan.

Gerry Morigerato
Joe Madureira fan.

Harry Candelario
Comic inker for Marvel.
- Harry Candelario official website

Haydn Dalton
Lead Designer on Darksiders I & II at Vigil Games.
- Haydn Dalton Twitter page
- Haydn Dalton official website

Jason Rubin
Vice president Content OCULUS
Co Founder of Naughty Dog
Creator of Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, The Iron Saint / Iron and the Maiden
- Jason Rubin Twitter page
- Jason Rubin official website

John Pearl
Design Director / Principal Artist at Gunfire Games.
Former Character Art Director at Crytek USA Corp.
Former Environment Art Director at Vigil Games.
- John Pearl Twitter page

Jon Omori
Art collector.

Myron Tay
Joe Madureira fan.

Pio Ravago III
Principal Artist at Riot Games.
Former Senior Artist at Blizzard Entertainment.
Former Studio Texture Art Lead at Vigil Games.
- Pio Ravago III Facebook page

SomaXD / KiraXD(Sean)
Number one Joe madureira comic collector.
- SomaXD Twitter page

Tom McWeeney
Senior Designer at Scrambled Eggz Productions.
- Tom McWeeney personal blog
- Tom McWeeney Facebook page
- Tom McWeeney Behance page

Daryl / Zerafut
Artist and a Joe Madureira fan.
- Zerafut Twitter page
- Zerafut Deviantart page
- Zerafut Facebook page