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2018 September 30

It's been a while that I wanted to dedicate an update to all the PSM (PlayStation Magazine) covers done by Joe MAdureira. That magazine was very famous and the covers that Joe did contributed a lot to... sell more magazines :D but also to spread the world about the art of Joe ;). At last I consider I have enough "good" arts to do a fair update today!

Some of them were already posted but now the list is complete! Enjoy!
ALL PSM PlayStation magazine covers by joe madureira

All the PSM Magazine covers previously present on Note: That last Resident Evil 2 PSM cover has been upgraded with a slightly better version ;)

And here are the remaining 5 PSM Magazine covers:
Special note now, and a great extra too:
Arnold Tsang accepted to share that beautiful unused Sub Zero PSM cover... in HD!! Thank you Arnold!
While I was unable to find some better versions, I share with you below some photos taken by Joe of the original pencil versions of the Final Fantasy covers. I expect to get access to some better versions in the future... as usual, this is a special message for you Joe if you read me ;)
Final Fantasy 8 PSM 26 variant cover squall vs seifer by joe madureira
Final Fantasy x PSM 43 cover tidus and yuna by joe madureira
Next is... some original Battle Chasers Nightwar sketches that Joe Madureira did for the Kickstarter backers! Yes! After a long wait, some backers received their sketches! A few more have already surfaced on the internet and you can count on me to add them to in the next updates... as well as all the others that may appear later on!

Enjoy those first 3 Battle Chasers Nightwar Garrison sketches: Reminder: if you are the owner of an official Joe Madureira art please share it! You can send it to me directly at or you can also share it with the growing community of the Joe Madureira Fan Group on Facebook!! ;)

And now some extras:

I was particularly happy when I discovered that obscur one:
The original art inked by Harry Candelario of the hologram card that Joe did for the comic Excalibur #71:
And since Joe is also the cover artist of that Excalibur #71 comic then I decided to add it too: Note: Unfortunately I was unable to find any better version than this cover scan... but still that one is awesome! ;)

Last extras are:
That old DV8 cover inked by Sandra Hope (1998):
...And that sad tribute to what happened that morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001... #NeverForget 9/11:
Final note: contrary to what was planned for months, Joe didn't attend Trojan Horse was a unicorn event because of "A perfect storm of work and family obligations". Not only that but also Joe won't attend New York Comic Con (NYCC) this year :(. But let's be positive, as Joe also said: "cool things are happening" ;)

Let's discover more Battle Chasers Nightwar sketches next month! Stay tuned!

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