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2019 May 31 update #39
Old and obscure stuff!

As you probably know the E3 game show is right around the corner (June 11-13 at Los Angeles). Chances are very good that the second game of Airship Syndicate will be unveiled during the event... and this game may be... Darksiders Genesis! While all this has yet to be confirmed, what is certain is that Darksiders Genesis will be revealed by THQ Nordic at this E3 2019! In addition to that, just a few days ago Airship Syndicate updated their twitter banner with a dark art of some Demons and fallen angels as you can see below... coincidence?:
Airship Syndicate Darksiders Genesis game art teaser

Something not related and totaly different now, another cool thing that I didn't see coming is that the previously revealed "X-Men Gambit and Rogue art" done as a kickstarter backer reward will be also used as an official marvel comic cover for the upcoming (07/24/2019) "HOUSE OF X #1"! If you are interested by that variant cover, I recommend you to preorder it since that cover is 1:50!
Xmen Gambit and Rogue House of X #1 comic cover
And for this month update I decided to pick here and there some old and sometimes obscure arts that Joe Madureira did. I apologize in advance for the quality or size of them. This is the best that I was able to find and get. That being said the never released Battle Chasers #10 cover is really nice, I hope that we will see that issue for real before the end of the year!

Random old and obscure arts from the 90s by Joe Madureira:
That's all for this month, stay tune for more after the E3 ;)

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