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Joe Mad Art forum link update #13 Uncanny X-Men #312

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2017 March 27 update #13
Uncanny X-Men #312

Let's go back to the roots of Joe MAdureira!
The comic Uncanny X-Men #312 was the first of a very long series (24 comics).
That series wasn't of course the first work of Joe but was probably the experience that made him become so famous as a comic penciler.

As of today, it's very difficult to find some good quality scans of the ink or even rarer pencil versions of those pages. So I apologize in advance if the quality of those I found isn't always good.
And again, if you have any better versions, I would be very pleased to add them to the site! ;)

Ok so here are the first 12 pages of Uncanny X-Men" #312:
You can buy Uncanny X-Men" #312 digitally on
Or you can also buy Uncanny X-Men" #312 digitally on

And now something totally different but very fun! :)
Ryan Stefanelli shared on twitter "how to fix a wine stain on your desk: have a comic legend nearby to mock you."
I found that one excellent! Plus, not only that fix gives a nice touch to that desk but I think it has probably increased its value a lot! :)
And I like that wise comment from Joe: "Drink responsibly!" ;)

Here is the Spider-Man doodle by Joe Madureira and he signed it!
To finish, just like in the last 2 updates I have a new video to share! Chris Brooks (Technical Director at Airship Syndicate) and Anna Maree presented a pre-alpha version of Battle Chasers NightWar at Pax East 2017 (12 March 2017).
You can discover many aspects and mechanisms of the game as well as some brand new pieces of art by Joe Madureira!
Battle Chasers NightWar: Hagatha the BeastMaster
Battle Chasers NightWar: The collector
Battle Chasers NightWar: Quall
Battle Chasers NightWar: Dogan
Battle Chasers NightWar: UI Dungeon help
Battle Chasers NightWar: UI Combat help
Battle Chasers NightWar: Victory crest
Battle Chasers NightWar: Dungeon screenshot
Battle Chasers NightWar: Combo wave art
Battle Chasers NightWar: Team UI
Battle Chasers NightWar: MAP
Battle Chasers NightWar: Dungeon difficulty select screen

For the information the Alpha of Battle Chasers NightWar has been announced for April 17th in the Kickstarter update of March! Save the date! ;)
The Alpha access will be given to all the those that backed the project at the "Personal Edition" pledge level and above.
And if you missed that opportunity during the Kickstarter campaign you can still pre-order a "Personal Edition" on the official Battle Chasers store.

Have a look to that Battle Chasers NightWar presentation:

That's all for now.

And don't hesitate to reach me on Twitter @Ulkhror or by email (
Thanks for reading! ;)

Steve Buccellato
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Airship Syndicate
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