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Joe Mad Art forum link update #15 Random stuff and Darksiders3 announced!

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2017 May 28 update #15
Random stuff and Darksiders3 announced!

Random stuffs for that late update (sorry) and some good things for the next updates ;)

We all know that Joe nearly never does any commission in particular during conventions.
But in some rare occasions he does some exceptions.

So here are a few of them (probably the best ones) Joe did over the years:
You are already probably aware of it but and epic event occurred this month (On the 2nd of May to be precise)
Darksiders 3 logo

After so many years Darksiders 3 has officially been announced by Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic.

If you want to know more about it, IGN did many coverages/updates throughout of this month: And of course the official website of Darksiders has been updated:

But you probably have the question: is Joe Madureira involved in Darksiders3!?
Well as of now it has been officially said that Joe Madureira wasn’t involved in the game.
But, in a recent AMA (see link above), Gunfire Games kept some doubts about it: "While we are close with Joe and he works also with THQ Nordic on a project we can’t confirm anything here."
And that being said, Joe Madureira was contacted to create some brand new sketches of the new Horseman: Fury the rider of the black horse!

OK let’s stop the blabla here are the sketches:
Darksiders 3 Fury concept by Joe Madureira Fury in action
Darksiders 3 Fury concept by Joe Madureira Fury whip attacks

Note: I decided not to include officially those sketches to the site (index page) because I’m expecting to see some better quality versions sooner or later ;)

Now something else related to Battle Chasers NightWar:
As you may know, The Alpha began the 17 Of April.

For that occasion Joe revealed 2 burst arts of the game:
Also a little bit later Airship Syndicate revealed a new element of the game:

the "Thunderdome" arena with a bunch of new wallpapers:
And to celebrate the release of the Alpha I have something great to show!
Many of you just like me were probably waiting for the official Battle Chasers NightWar key art colored by Johannes Helgeson to be released in HD (like the other version colored by Grace Liu)

Well... I was able to find it on the internet! here it is:
Note: this is an update of the previous version from 1920 x 1045px to 4000 x 2185px!

And now to wrap up that update of May I'm very pleased to announced that I’ve recently received the contribution of multiple VIP!
They provided me with some new pieces of art and some better quality versions of those already present on the website!
So stay tuned for the next updates of! ;)

And just to give you an example what about that Battle Chasers comic #1 page11:
Note: I know that one isn common, but looks at the resolution of the inked version! That one was given to me by Tom McWeeney!
... And there are many more! ;)

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Grace Liu
Airship Syndicate
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Wendy Williams
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