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2017 June 24 update #16
DragonKind Part 1

In December 2001, after the cancellation of the comic Battle Chasers #10, Joe MAdureira, Tim Donley and Greg Peterson decided to form a game development company called TriLunar Entertainment.
The only game announced was Dragon Kind. It was planed for PS2 and XBOX but was canceled in 2002 after the studio came out of business (I suppose the game didn't find any editor...). The main hero was named Grail, he had the ability to control dragons and was evolving in the world of Vermilion.

Of course Joe did many key arts and concepts for the game, here are some of them:
Note: I know some of those arts are ridiculously small but those are the best I was able to find...
and I can tell you I spent a lot of time searching for them! If you have some better versions, please share them! ;)

That being said, you may have noticed 2 of those key arts are in very big resolution!?
Yes! I got some help for those since they are simply impossible to find on internet!
Epic thanks to Arnold Tsang who colored those key arts and who accepted to share them with me!
... but not only! Stay tuned for more very soon! ;)

OK now something else.
I don't know if this is related or not but following the release of Wonder Woman in theaters last month...

Joe shared on social media that beautiful concept art he did in collaboration with Grace Liu: ... "Just an exercise really" ;)

Let me use this occasion to share another beautiful Wonder Woman art Joe did a long time ago.
Personally, I searched that one for such a long time. Of course it's an old and well known art but finding it a decent resolution was impossible until just a few months ago. I was so happy when I found it, I really love that one! :)
And now to finish just a few art updates in better resolution that I was able to find on internet:
Until next time!

Concept art
Arnold Tsang
Wonder woman
Wizard magazine
Justice League of America
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