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2017 July 30 update #17
DragonKind Part 2

Dragon kind part 2 !
Here is all the arts I have left from that canceled game by TriLunar Entertainment!
That being said I still have hope to find some better resolution versions of those later on. If you think you can help, you can contact me here And who knows, maybe that game will do a comeback one day? ;)

12 concept arts for Dragon Kind by Joe Madureira:
In addition to that, I wanted to share with you some art updates related to Street Fighter.
Arnold Tsand (Lead Character Concept Artist at Blizzard Entertainment... Just for the record, he is the one who created that formidable concept of DOOMFIST for Overwatch!) sent me some new HD versions of the arts he colored for Udon entertainment over Joe Madureira’s lines.
I'm certain you’ve never seen those pieces of art with those resolutions! :)

Udon entertainment Street Fighter art updates colored by Arnold Tsang:
And to finish with the new arts in this update, let me share with you another exclusive art for!

The pencil version of this Resident Evil Outbreak PSM Magazine cover of 2004 in HD: Note: You may have seen a photo of this art framed but this is the first time a clean HD scan of it in can be seen!
Thank you again for that Arnold!

Special Shout-out!

Gameumentary in partnership with Airship Syndicate and Gunfire Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign tomorrow July 31!
Head over to Gameumentary kickstarter campaign announcement to know more!

Some very interesting documentaries will be produced:
  • The Story of Gunfire Games Gameumentary Studio Profile
  • Developing Battle Chasers Nightwar Gameumentary short doc
  • Darksiders Gameumentary short doc
Note: Gameumentary if you read me, please make those documentaries as long as possible and not short! ;)
Developing Battle Chasers Nightwar Gameumentary short doc
Developing Battle Chasers Nightwar Gameumentary short doc
Darksiders Gameumentary short doc

And on top of that Joe Madureira even did a short video to support that Kickstarter campaign! (See below)

"August 29th. Mark your calendars!"

The BETA of Battle Chasers NightWar will officialy start next month on STEAM!
Read more about the announcement and Battle Chasers NightWar in the last Kickstarter update
Battle Chasers Nightwar BETA announcement August 29th

Can’t wait! :)

Stay tuned for next month update as I will try to do another focus on Battle Chasers!

Concept art
Arnold Tsang
Street Fighter
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