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Joe Mad Art forum link update #18 Battle Chasers NightWar BETA soon!

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2017 August 25 update #18
Battle Chasers NightWar BETA soon!


If you red last month update, you know that the BETA of Battle Chasers NightWar will be live next week (August 29th)!
As a consequence, I decided to dedicate that update to the game and Battle Chasers in general.

So let's start with some Battle Chasers NightWar arts: Note: Indeed the concept images are old and in low resolution. As usual I hope to find some better versions later on ;)

Just in case you missed it, the official animated intro of Battle Chasers Nightwar (created by Powerhouse Animation) has been revealed this month.
Check it out!

Now let's go back to the 90's with Battle Chasers the comic!
I'm very please to share with you some HD image of the inked pages of Battle Chasers.
Those scans were given to me by Tom McWeeney himself! The official inker of those pages!
I thank you so much for that Tom!

Battle Chasers #1 comic pages inked by Tom McWeeney:
And thanks to Tom McWeeney again, here are some art updates with some HD scans! Note: I doubt you will ever find any better versions of those ;)

Also, here is another one that I wanted to add to the website for a long time now:
And to finish with the art updates, here is a HD version of the Thunderdome arena master Wallpaper! Enjoy!

Special Shout-out for Gameumentary!

To wrap up this update let me repeat the same shout-out as last month for Gameumentary and their project.
There's still 5 days left to reach their funding goal.
If you are eager to discover some behind the scene stories about the creation of the Darksiders and Battle Chasers games then follow the link and become a supporter: Gameumentary - Video Game Documentaries Kickstarter campaign

For the lucky ones like me who will be able to play the Battle Chasers NightWar BETA in 4 days I wish you to have fun!
With that big milestone I hope Joe Madureira will share some new concept arts he did for the game!

Let's see that soon! ;)

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