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2017 September 28 update #19
Pio Ravago III contribution: Darksiders!

I'm super happy to share with you some unique pieces of art that Joe Madureira did on Darksiders (and a little bit more ;))
Let me say a special and huge "thank you" to Pio Ravago III aka "Master P" for the long and very interesting chats we had as well as, of course, the arts he accepted to share with me :). Obviously that update wouldn't have been possible without his contribution!

Thank you Pio!

For those who don't know, Pio is actually Principal Artist at Riot Games and also the one that did most of the textures in Darksiders!
It can be said that Pio was the #5 guy at Vigil Games back in the days after Joe Madureira, David Adams, Ryan Stefanelli and Marvin Donald.
So just those few words to let you understand that I was very honored to chat with that very kind person.

Anyway, what interest you are the arts right? So here they are.

Let's start with some humble updates of some images in "even better" resolution: Note: That epic art was colored by Pio in only 3 days! Amazing!

Note: This is the first "official" version of War. This is the version that was first presented to THQ: "War1st"

Note: I searched for a good version of that one for a very long time in vain. I can now change the poor 416 x 609px version by a nice 1094 x 1576px! :)

Here are now some new arts or alternate versions: Note: Have you ever seen that one? To be honest, I only knew until recently the official version colored by Christian Lichtner and used as the Play mag cover of August 2008. Well here is a beautiful variant by Pio Ravago III

Note: Yes! at last! Like me you've probably searched that one without finding it! Except the title this is the official cover of The Art Of Darksiders published by Udon Entertainment. The other version on the site is a variant (And I don't even know who colored it...).

Note: Another exclusive art I've never imagined I would ever find. That "texture" version is the original version that was used to create that iconic Darksiders key art that you all know! You can't imagine how happy I was when I discovered that one! :)

Note: Another exclusive art! ... very creepy indeed!

OK that's all for Darksiders...
But since Pio also worked with Joe on Dungeon Runners while at NCsoft he also gave me those 2 arts:
Now to wrap up this update let me say a few words about Battle Chasers NightWar:
I'm supporting that project since day 1 and after playing for more than 30 hours already on the alpha and the beta I can tell you it's worth buying it!
In less than a week now on October 3rd, more than 2 years after the official kickstarter campaign, everybody will be able to discover a beautiful, fun and epic adventure created by the talented people at Airship Syndicate!

For this occasion, Joe Madureira shared the official in game burst art for Knolan:
... as well as a nice Hero Spotlight trailer #1 dedicated to Knolan!

Stay tuned for more next month and Have fun with Battle Chasers NightWar! ;)

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