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2017 November 30
Just on the finish line!
Yes I know I'm very late again for this update but you know what? This is not my fault!
Everything is because of the release of Battle Chasers NightWar! I have played about 100 hours and killed more than 2300 monster... Blame Joe Madureira and the Airship Syndicate team for giving us such a great game! You can find Battle Chasers NightWar on Steam here.

Ok stop the excuses!
In honor of the recent release of Thor: Ragnarok Joe dug some "Thor" stuff he did during the past years.

So I jumped on this occasion to do a focus on Thor as well:
You can buy Ultimates 3 digitally on
Or you can buy Ultimates 3 digitally on

Note: While I haven't done any update on the 5 arts below, I thought it would be good to remind you those other comic pages with Thor:
And now let me give a special Shout-out at game Boss 101, A crazy shoot by Donley Time Foundation (Tim Donley) that is out since the 2 of November.
To celebrate the release, Joe did a fan art of Steve and Max:
You can buy Boss 101 on Steam right here.

... still not enough? OK!
so, just for fun Joe shared some quick doodles he did on a white board during a professional meeting, enjoy:
Whiteboard shenanigan Deadpool
Whiteboard shenanigan Hulk
Whiteboard shenanigan Batman
Whiteboard shenanigan Spider-Man

Stay tuned!

Christian Lichtner
Captain America
Iron Man
Double page
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