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Joe Mad Art forum link update #22 Season greetings with Darksiders!

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2017 December 21 update #22
Season greetings with Darksiders!

You know how I like the Darksiders series right!?
So ending the year with an update about Darksiders is just perfect for me!
Early this year Haydn Dalton added many early concepts that Joe Mad! did for Darksiders, you can find them below plus a few others!

Thank you Haydn!

Have a look to his website and read/watch some good behind the scene stories about the game industry and his experience at Vigil Games!

So let's start with some art upgrades:
Note: Special mention to those 3 Darksiders 2 Death key arts. They are among my favorites and you can now look at them in HD!
Not only the resolution is now 4k (Original size is 8kpx!) but in addition the quality of the scans is sublime!

Note: That last one is a variant of the previous version
Only the "downloadable" versions have been updated (Click on the link of the resolution).

Next are some rough "Energy Sketches" Joe did for Darksiders
Joe has that epic skill to be able to draw some very powerful and badass sketches with minimalist lines! Epic!
I love Haydn's comments about Joe:
"Having somebody so talented who could realize ideas like these, so easily, is beyond useful in the design process"

Rough Darksiders "Energy Sketches" by Joe Madureira:
Even better now, some exclusive Darksiders arts!
And to finish a small art update of an art Joe Mad! and Grace Liu did 1 year ago for Geek and Sundry critical role:
Note: I tried to find a better version of that one for so long! So happy! Now I need the line version! If you read me Joe...
You can find more of the art of Grace Liu on Artstation

Special Shout-out for Darksiders3

Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic released a New gameplay footage for the game! Have a look!

That’s a wrap!
I hope this year was great for you as much as it was great for
As always I tend to think the best has yet to come so I hope next year and the years after will be full of Joe MAd! arts! ;)

I wish you all season's greetings! let's meet again next year!

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Darksiders 2
Jonathan Kirtz
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