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Joe Mad Art forum link update #23 Gekido arts and more!

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2018 January 30 update #23
Gekido arts and more!

Hey All,
As you can see I haven't decided to publish my updates earlier in 2018 ;)

For this first update of the year let me start with a big thank you to all the visitors and those who sent me some supportive emails/messages/tweets!
I appreciate those a lot so please keep doing!

In 2017 you were four time more numerous to visit! I'm super happy with that result and I hope the growth will go on this year!
I also would like to thank in particular all the contributors to
As you may know I do my best to contact as many professional as possible that collaborated with Joe in the hope to get a never ever seen version of an art (HD, inked, text less, etc). After more than 2 years now, I was lucky to receive many unique pieces of art from a few fans but also from important people of the comic or video game industry.
So today I've decided to thank them all by dedicating them a new section: the Contributors!
I will try not to omit anybody and to list there all the contributors with some links to their personal website or social account when they have one.

So what's new this month!?
I've decided to do a small focus on the art of the game Gekido.
For the information, it's been a while I have them and I wanted to find the highest resolution before sharing them.
Unfortunately I was unable to find any better version... I contacted the people at NAPS Team and also Christian Lichtner directly but they answered me they don't have them anymore.:( ... Who knows, even if the chance are very slim they may appear one day...

For now, here is the best Joe Madureira arts that you can find for the game Gekido:
Just next, to complete this update here is four new pieces of art: Note: unfortunately again for this one, There's no good colored version... Only scans exist. I asked Justin Ponsor about it but he no longer has it :(

1994-01-01 (?)
X-Men House ad 1994
Note: I don't know how that last one was used... If you know anything about it please contact me! ;)

Note: Haaaaa that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art! I've seen it so many times and each time I wondered if it was a print, a cover or simply a fan art. Finally I was able to discover its origin! It took me some time to discover but it was part of a feature titled "The Big 80s" in the Wizard magazine #111 which invited big name comic book artists to draw their favorite 80s cartoon characters!

And let's wrap this update with some very nice pencil versions! My favorites ;)
So that's all for this time! But I'm certain this year will be full of Joe Mad! arts!
What can we expect for 2018?
- We should see some new arts related to the rewards of the Battle Chasers NightWar Kickstarter campaign (Pencil sketches, artbook, prints)
- Joe should release the Battle Chasers #10 comic!
- We should have the pleasure to discover more about Joe through the documentaries that Gameumentary will reveal soon!
- If we are lucky enough Joe and Airship Syndicate may announce their next game!
- And probably more! ;)

So stay tune!
The best has yet to come! ;)

Christian Lichtner
Concept art
Jean Grey
Have a look to the "Archive" menu for more updates!