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2018 February 21

Let's start this update with a shout out!
Last week Gameumentary released their "Joe Madureira Documentary - From Comics to Games"!
That's enough to make my day (well in fact a lot more than just that!).
I was also very happy that was a useful source of images for their documentary!

So go watch that documentary now:

Note: Watch it until the end... it's worth it ;)

Following that it's difficult to get your attention isn't it?

So I decided to add all the 24 remaining concepts I have for Dungeon Runners / Exarch! Note: Regarding the poster, Joe mentioned he still has the pencil version but he hasn't shared it yet. Joe if you reads me... ;)

Small mention to finish this update, is 2 years old this month!
With 24 arts in this update it was enough to make 2 updates but let's say this is to celebrate this birthday!
... and don't worry, I still have a lot more to add and I still expect to find even more!

And to finish, you can mark your calendar:
Trojan Horse was a unicorn Malta Valletta 2018 with Joe Madureira
Joe will be a "Knight" at the Trojan Horse was a unicorn unique six-day Digital Art event in Malta (Valletta) this coming September 24-29, 2018!
If you have the chance to go there you can expect some "Inspirational talks" and démos!!

See you in the next update!

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