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2018 May 20

Last month I announced some exclusive arts by Joe Madureira. The title says it all!
I had the great privilege to exchange a few emails with Jason Rubin (Vice president Content OCULUS, Co Founder of Naughty Dog and creator of The Iron Saint / Iron and the Maiden). Jason was super kind, he sent me all the sketches that Joe did for his comic project in 2006/2007! You may have seen some of them in the comic but never with that quality! If you want to know more about that IP you can visit the official website of The Iron Saint.

I'm super happy to add those 14 concept arts done by Joe Madureira for The Iron Saint:
So that's all for the new arts. Well... In fact not ;).
But first just a few words regarding the website: You may have noticed a change in the menu and in the size of the font. I'm actually adjusting a few (many) things in order to make the website more "responsive" and pleasant to use on mobile. One big step was to remove the menu at the top and to replace it by some more "dynamic" menus triggered by some buttons (and no more an "onMouseover" event). Also, I red that the recommended font size for a website is "16px" (not on mobile but on a PC). That's a lot more than before so let's first have a try with 14px! ;)
Those changes are just one step forward a "responsive design" so be advise more adjustments will be made.

OK, back to more Joe Mad arts! ;)
The big event of this month is of course the release of Battle Chasers NightWar on Nintendo Switch (May 15th)!

Congratulations to the whole team at Airship Syndicate!

To celebrate that event and just as Joe is used to do sometimes he drew a fan art in collaboration with Grace Liu (colors)!
So here is Red Monika showing her Triforce tattoo to Link from Zelda breath of the wild:
And that's not all! As you probably know, all the kickstarter backers that pledged at a high tier will receive a sketch card penciled by Joe. The last Kickstarter update revealed 2 photos of the beautiful sketches those proud backers will get:
Battle Chasers Nightwar backers physical rewards: sketches set1
Battle Chasers Nightwar backers physical rewards: sketches set2
In addition to that event another one took place early this month thanks to Gameumentary! The long awaited Battle Chasers NightWar Documentary is available! Have a look, it's full of very interesting interviews!

Battle Chasers NightWar: The Documentary:

Now something else totally different but also very rare and maybe even more interesting for all the comic artists.
This month, Joe Madureira was asked a great question on twitter and he took the time to answer it in details! Enjoy!
Iria Riven / @Iriadescence on twitter: Joe do you have any tips or pointers for drawing dynamic panels for comic pages? I don't think i'm doing terrible, but I feel like I could be more creative with some of these, but I keep wanting to do "box on top, then fill in the rest" and it feels stale.

Joe Madureira: Lol.
Whew, the answer to this may be too long for Twitter. Page layouts are one of the things I enjoy the most (way more than actually filling them in most of the time)! In general, I think of it as a film. So, choose your shot.
- What's in the frame?
- How important is this panel? If it's important I'll go big, minor action, small.
- Is it a sweeping wide shot?
- A cramped vertical sliver?
The amount of information you convey helps create an immediate reaction from the reader.
In general tight, close in or cramped shots create some stress. Wide roomy shots offer some relief.
If you tilt or skew the panel, it creates energy, so use those for action shots.
Conversation stuff, I generally leave pretty static.
One last thing, and I got this from @robertliefeld early in my career--it stuck with me to this day, so thanks Rob! Pick one panel on the page to be the MOST important, and make that the 'money shot'. Every page should have one. If someone flips through your book in a comic shop, and just lands on 2 or 3 pages, any page they land on should have a money shot that makes them want to see more (webcomics are a little different but still a good rule). No opening to a 'dud'.

I hope you enjoyed this update!
Stay tune for more!

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