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Home title image update #28 Some Battle Chasers Nightwar arts again!
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2018 June 27

The last time Joe Madureira worked on a comic cover it was in December 2016!
1 year an a half later this June, Joe didn't revealed 1 new comic cover but 3 connecting variants covers for Batman #50!

Not only that, Joe also officialized the website!
It seems you will now have an official place where to order some exclusives comics and prints! ;)
When you will read that update there will still be some comics for sale so head over to and grab yours!
Cover A can be bought alone while the other two can only be acquired by buying the full set of three:
  • Cover A: Batman and Catwoman limited to 2,800 copies
  • Cover B: Wonder Woman, Superman and Batgirl limited to 1,850 copies
  • Cover C: Joker, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy limited to 1,850 copies
Here is the direct link to the order page of this DC Comics Batman #50 Joe Madureira exclusive covers

... And the full picture with the beautiful colors by Grace Liu (Link to her Artstation page):
For those who particularly love the traditional pencil pages, Joe shared some "teaser" photos:
Battle Chasers Nightwar backers physical rewards: sketches set1
Battle Chasers Nightwar backers physical rewards: sketches set2
Battle Chasers Nightwar backers physical rewards: sketches set2
Battle Chasers Nightwar backers physical rewards: sketches set2

OK, that was THE big info!
But I owe you more for a single update isn't it ;)
Now that Battle Chasers Nightwar is available on all the major video game platforms, the Airship Syndicate team shared more of their work on social medias and on my side I also had a few art left...

So here are some more Battle Chasers Nightwar arts to enjoy!

Let's start with some "upgrades" of some pieces of art already present on

And as usual here are the new Battle Chasers additions to the site:
Note: Steve Madureira recently announced on the official Airship Syndicate forum that they were "boxing up and sending all of the signed goods to Tiny Fish" and that "Everything should be shipping soon". So if you are one the proud owners of any of the sketches that Joe did, then please share it on social medias!
... And if possible send me a HD scan or photo directly at please.

Special message to Joe: you are welcome to send me all the scans directly, it will be a lot easier for me than chasing them down on the Internet ;)

Stay tune! More JoeMadArt is coming! ;)

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