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2018 October 31

This October 3rd was the first birthday of Battle Chasers NightWar!
To be honest, I was expecting at least 1 new art from Joe Madureira to celebrate that event but... well maybe next time ;)
I was also expecting to find many new backer sketches but I found only few of them...
Fortunately I have a few pieces of art left that I can share today to celebrate this first year anniversary of the first Battle Chasers game! (Because it's certain we will get another Battle Chasers game isn't it!? ;)

So first, here are 3 backer sketches that I found:
And for the record, Joe has already done some similar sketches back in 2015:
Cliffhanger Reunion monochromatic print battle chasers Calibretto sketch by joe madureira
Cliffhanger Reunion print battle chasers Calibretto sketch by joe madureira
Cliffhanger Reunion print battle-chasers Gully and Garrison sketches by joe madureira

A small update of that beautiful Gully art done for the first mookup of the game:
And also, that beautiful pencil version of Red Monika that I was super happy to discover!
And below many concepts that Joe did for Battle Chasers NightWar:
And to finish that update, a final note from Joe regarding the upcoming comic of Battle Chasers:
Yes, new BC issues 10-12 are STILL happening! It’s my next priority after getting the few remaining sketchy rewards out the door! I’ll follow up in more detail in a KS Backer email soon. Thanks for your patience!
source: Joe Mad's tweet about Battle Chasers the comic #10 on twitter

Happy Halloween to all of you and Stay tuned! ;)

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