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2018 November 30

Doing an update about the art of Joe Madureira during his "Pre-Vigil Games" period (1991-2005) is always very difficult for me... Joe did so many arts and comics that it's even difficult to get a precise list of everything. In addition to that, many original arts have been lost and no scan has surfaced for years. In those conditions, being able to get a consistent set of original arts (IE: a specific comic) is nearly impossible. As a consequence, I tend to focus more the JoeMadArt updates on what came after that "Pre-Vigil Games" period... but at the same time I know I can't omit all those early years of Joe Mad's career because this is clearly during that period that Joe became famous...

During those last 2 months I spent a lot of time trying to find some old original pages as well as contacting many art collectors or artists with the expectation to get some good scans to share with you all. As of today I got a few answers and some scans too but it's far from covering even one comic. All that to say that I apologize in advance for not being able to share all the original arts I would like. Also if you possess a scan or an original art by Joe then please, try to make a good scan of it or try to take a good photo and send it to me at Thank you!
That being said, I won't quit searching for more! ;)

So, here is the part 2 of the art of Joe MAdureira for the Uncanny X-Men #312 comic:
And in addition to those, please enjoy that beautiful Thor art (with a HD ink version!)
And let's finish this update with a special Shout-out!
Yes! At last! After after so many years (more than 6) Darksiders 3 is out!!

Epic Congratulations to THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games for the release of Darksiders 3!

You can watch the beautiful Darksiders3 release trailer below:
Note: While the trailer is super cool, there are many spoilers in it... But you don't need to watch it anyway, simply go buy it!

And for those who lived in a cave during the last 2 years, if I mention Darksiders 3 here it's not only because Joe Madureira created the series but also because he contributed a bit to Darksiders 3 by updating the design of Fury! (But not only) ;).

OK, that's all for now. I wish you all to enjoy the holidays season and obviously to play Darksiders 3!

Until next time!

Steve Buccellato
Professor X
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