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Home title image update #36 New cool arts: Unnatural cover, Kickstarter sketches and more!
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2019 February 28
3 years already! Each additional year that lives on make me so happy and proud. I hope that things will go on for many years and that the best has yet to come! I know there's no connection to that but I have many cool things to cover in that update! ... just as if it was a birthday present ;).

OK so let's start with that beautiful UNNATURAL #8 variant cover that Joe Madureira did for Mirka Andolfo in collaboration with Grace Liu.
Coming just next is that Gambit and Rogue art that did a nice buzz on twitter!:
Another Kickstarter Backer art was revealed just a few days later, a Joker head sketch:
But that's not all! Udon Entertainment on its side announced the release of a 2nd edition of The art of Darksiders and Darksiders 2 in addition to The art of Darksiders III HARDCOVER. While the cover of The art of Darksiders III was done by Edwin Huang (lines) and Gonzalo OrdoƱez aka GENZOMAN (colors) the artbook for the first Darksiders get an alternate cover compared to the first edition with the reuse of a key art of the first game by Joe Madureira.
All those who missed the very expensive 1st editions can now buy them for 50$ each! Go grab them!

Something else now that I didn't see coming is the announcement of an official 7" Batman Black and White Limited Edition Statue (5000 units) Based on the DC Comics "Justice League Rebirth #1 variant cover" that Joe did in 2016. That statue was revealed during New York Toy Fair 2019. It was sculpted by Paul Harding (HardingStudios) and painted by Michael Cowart. (Release date: November 2019 / Price: 62-80$)
Here is the original pencil cover used as the reference for that Batman statue:
You can buy that DC Collectibles Batman Black & White: Batman by Joe Madureira Statue on Amazon.
DC Collectibles Mad Batman black and white sculpt profile
DC Collectibles Mad Batman black and white official pic
DC Collectibles Mad Batman black and white sculpt front
DC Collectibles Mad Batman black and white New York Toy Fair 2019 pic 1
DC Collectibles Mad Batman black and white New York Toy Fair 2019 pic 2
DC Collectibles Mad Batman black and white New York Toy Fair 2019 pic 3

That's all for the news but that only the beginning for the regular monthly addition of arts to!
And since that update is a bit special I decided to share some really good stuff!

Let's start with 2 Battle Chasers Nightwar art updates:
Let's continue with some more Battle Chasers Nightwar arts:
And to wrap up that special update, let me share with you the final pieces of art that Arnold Tsang sent to me!
Thank you Arnold!

Have a look in particular to that Thundercats and Darkstalkers comic covers in HD!
Until next time!

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