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2019 June 30 update #40
Darksiders Genesis at E3 2019!

[Edit 2019 Jully 03]
E3 2019 ended just a few weeks ago and many fabulous games were revealed!
As suspected in the last update, Airship Syndicate (Joe Madureira) and THQ Nordic presented their new game: Darksiders Genesis!! Yes!
Darksiders Genesis LOGO by Billy Garretsen
Darksiders Genesis LOGO by Billy Garretsen

So, do you want to know everything about Darksiders Genesis?
Well fortunately for you I did my researches and found nearly everything that Joe said about it!
I tried to gather the most relevant and interesting coverages and interviews!

And since nobody will be interested by anything else than Darksiders Genesis then this update of will be dedicated to it! ... so it means you won't get as many arts as usual ;).

OK let's start with...
The impressive Darksiders Genesis HD announcement trailer revealed just a few days before E3:

Just next are the 2 official Darksiders Genesis arts done by Joe Madureira, Grace Liu and Billy Garretsen: Note: Regarding that "title screen" art that one above is in HD but cropped. The full version looks more like that one below... I'm still expecting to find it in HD ;)
[Edit 2019 Jully 03] Just after this update THQ Nordic accepted to share with me the super big HD version of this image. Thank you THQ Nordic!
Darksiders Genesis in-game E3 demo title screen
Darksiders Genesis E3 demo title art screen
Also, just as in Battle Chasers NightWar, when some key characters talk, some portrait arts are displayed.
In the demo at E3 you can see the portrait of War and Strife that are obviously some pieces of art by Joe Madureira. I expect that I will be able to put my hands on some clean versions of those so I decided not to "officially" add those to the side for now. That being said I did a small mok-up from some screenshots of the game, Enjoy! ;)
Darksiders Genesis in game strife and war portraits mok-up by ulkhror
Line art by Joe Madureira and colors by Billy Garretsen
There's also another key art but that one looks like a photoshopped version of the model from the CG trailer and not a Joe Mad art. Still very nice!
For those who haven't heard of the game and who are wondering what it looks like...
I invite you to watch that 1 player HD gameplay walkthrough... a lot better than a few screenshots isn't it!?:

And just because playing co-op has nothing to do with the solo mode here is another gameplay walkthrough with 2 players:
Darksiders Genesis - 5 Reasons It's Good As Hell:

So now, do you have some questions about the game? You would like to know more? What about asking the boss?
You can find below the most interesting interviews of Joe Madureira done at E3 2019:

Video Interviews:
1) Joe Madureira, Ryan Stefanelli and Reinhard Pollice at the E3 Coliseum 2019 Panel presented by Geoff Keighley
2) Joe Madureira interview by
3) Joe Madureira interview by Ultima Ficha... and speaking a bit Portuguese
4) Joe Madureira interview by Escapist Magazine and Gameumentary
5) Joe Madureira interview by TechRaptor
6) Joe Madureira interview by

Interview transcripts:
1) Joe Madureira interview by
2) Joe Madureira interview by
3) Joe Madureira interview by
4) Joe Madureira interview by

So, what did we learn from all that?

Darksiders GENESIS in brief:
  • Darksiders Genesis is not Darksiders 4
  • Darksiders Genesis is not an Action RPG
  • As its name says, Darksiders Genesis is a prequel to the first Darksiders
  • The story in Darksiders Genesis begins just after the four horsemen get their powers and kill all the Nephilims
  • In Darksiders Genesis War and Strife must discover what the new plans of Lucifer are
  • In Darksiders Genesis War and Strife will meet for the first time some returning guys such as Vulgrim and Samael
  • You can only play War and Strife, not Fury and not Death
  • Darksiders Genesis is a solo or 2 players cooperative action game where 1 player controls War and the other Strife
  • In solo player mode, you can switch between War and Strife on the fly (There's a cooldown)
  • The co-operation mode can be local or online
  • Darksiders Genesis is not a Diablo-like game but is closer to the style of Tomb Raider: Guardians of Light
  • Darksiders Genesis is loyal to the gameplay of Darksiders 1 with a top down isometric camera
  • War has pretty much the same move set as in Darksiders 1
  • Just like in the other Darksiders games, Darksiders Genesis includes many puzzles and interactions with the environment
  • Gareth Coker (Ori and the Blind forest) is the music composer of Darksiders Genesis
  • The camera in the game can't be controlled but you can still zoom in or out
  • The dungeons aren't randomly generated
  • The game will be available for pretty much all the platforms including the Google Stadia
  • You can go back to previous levels and play them again to discover some secrets or loot some monster cores
  • There's at least 1 secret in every levels
  • The creatures drop cores that can be used as materials to upgrade the characters
  • You can customize your character by using some skill and ability trees as well as combat upgrades
  • There's no map to explore but just a hub where to get your new mission before jumping into a new or old level
  • You can choose among 3 level of difficulties before entering a level (a bit like in Battle Chasers Nightwar)
  • The level of difficulty of the game will be similar to Darksiders 1, not super hard
  • The end of Darksiders Genesis will lead to Darksiders 1
  • Airship Syndicate is targeting a 15 hours length game and more to complete it at 100%
  • No DLC planned for Darksiders Genesis
  • Darksiders Genesis will include an "arena" mode
  • Strife will be able to find up to 7 different ammo types
  • Darksiders Genesis release date is planned for this winter 2019
  • Release price should be around 40$

Let's wrap up this update with a small photo gallery of Joe at E3 and the great team at Airship Syndicates!
The Airship syndicate team nearly complete Airship Syndicate core team! ... well Grace Liu, Billy Garretsen and Derek Taylor where "photoshop-added". And if you want to know the names of all of the members of the Airship Syndicate's crew then you can click the link!
Joe Madureira at E3 2019 final day
Joe Madureira at E3 with the strife statue
Joe Madureira at the E3 coliseum 2019 Panel
Joe Madureira interview by
Dave Hunt ( Joe Madureira and Ryan Stefanelli at E3 2019
Dave Hunt ( Joe Madureira and Ryan Stefanelli

For the record, Game informer did a nice Airship Syndicate tour of the studio! Have a look!
Airship Syndicate studio lobby
Airship Syndicate studio dev open-space
Airship Syndicate studio tour harm s way room entrance
I hope that you enjoyed that "as much complete as I could" summary about Darksiders Genesis.
Don't hesitate to leave me a comment on twitter or in the Facebook group (See links at the top)
Stay tuned and happy summer holidays to all of you!

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