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Joe Mad Art forum link update #43 Battle Chasers #5 part 1!

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2019 September 30 update #43
Battle Chasers #5 part 1!

Hi JoeMAd fans!

For this month the main info is the release of the Battle Chasers Anthology TPB, the "second" print of the legendary Anthology comic released in 2011! Except the brand new cover done for this second print, the content is exactly the same as the first print. This Anthology book collects all the Battle Chasers comics released so far (#1 to #9), the Battle Chasers Prelude comic (#0), the side story featured in the Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated book as well as all the covers and variants plus some sketches and unused pages!

For the occasion I updated the cover art with a bigger version, enjoy! And if you prefer the digital version of that Battle Chasers Anthology TPB, you can get it on Comixology with a good discount!

Following that cool release, the backers of the Battle Chasers NightWar game kickstarter campaign will also be happy to receive (if not already) their sketch done by Joe Madureira.

Bradym1 on the Airship Syndicate community forum shared his Garrison: I will share more in the next updates!

Apart that, Joe is still very quiet about the next comic issue of Battle Chasers... He is without any doubt fully focused on finishing Darksiders Genesis that should hit the stores for Christmas.

In the meantime, let's have another look to some Battle Chasers #5 pages! Note: Special thanks to Tom McWeeney who shared some of the original inked pages with me! Thank you Tom!

That's all for this update!

Well oh yes, I also found a slightly better image version of that Resident Evil PSM Magazine cover... ;)
And as usual, if you have some original pages by Joe Madureira, please send me ( some big and clean photos or scans of them! ;)

Stay tune!

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