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Joe Mad Art forum link update #44 Darksiders Genesis release and Battle Chasers #5 part 2!

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2019 November 30 update #44
Darksiders Genesis release
and Battle Chasers #5 part 2!

Hi JoeMAd fans!

You may have noticed that there was no update for October... I'm sorry. No specific reason, it's all personal ;).
3 years and a half ago I said that I would do 1 update per month... So today I can say that... I failed yes, but it's not a reason to stop isn't it?

Ho no it's not! ;)

How could I stop now with Darksiders Genesis just around the corner!?
Darksiders Genesis will be available next week on PC and the 14 of February on consoles. You probably wonder why such a gap in the release dates? Well the answer is simple: "Quality".
The game code on console is a bit different from the PC version and THQ NORDIC decided to delay the release on console in order to fix some issues. Wise choice I would say even if some of you will probably be frustrated... I understand.

And for those still on the fence about buying that game (Really guys?) well...

THQ NORDICS released a new trailer presenting the "Abilities and Creature Cores":

THQ Nordic also released a very cool, beautiful and funny video to present Strife. Have a look!

On his side IGN did a great preview of the game with a super promising conclusion by Mitchell Saltzman:
All in all, I came out of my demo of Darksiders Genesis excited and hungry for more. Despite its visual similarities to other isometric action games, this actually feels like the most unique Darksiders game yet

Watch that Darksiders Genesis Final Preview: More Darksiders, Less Diablo

Not only that but Escapist Magazine and Gameumentary did a super interesting "first cover story featuring Darksiders Genesis" with some great interviews:

And finally, you can now buy some Darksiders Genesis (And Darksiders in general) posters made out of metal on Displate!. You can find there 4 Darksiders arts with lines by Joe Madureira (see the reference of the arts below):
That's all about Darksiders Genesis... for now ;). I expect to discover many cool sketches and drawings by Joe Madureira in the months to come because honestly the bestiary looks cool!
And I also hope that all those videos convinced you to buy that game on day one ;)

Apart that and just in case you missed the information the 4.86" tall Batman Black and White Limited Edition Statue (5000 units) Based on the DC Comics "Justice League Rebirth #1 variant cover" that Joe did in 2016 is now available everywhere. (See the update #36)

To finish here is the part 2 of the Battle Chasers #5 pages ;) Note: Again a special thanks to Tom McWeeney for the scans of the original inked pages.
Special thanks to Alexander Lee too for the scan of the page 15!

Have a fun with Darksiders Genesis!

Christian Lichtner
Image Comics
Tom Mcweeney
Battle Chasers (BC)
Brass Demur
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