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Joe Mad Art forum link update #45 Happy New Year with Darksiders Genesis!

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2019 December 31 update #45
Happy New Year with Darksiders Genesis!

What a month of December! it was full of Joe Mad stuff and surprises!

With the release of Darksiders Genesis (2019/12/05) the crew at Airship Syndicate shared a lot of artistic stuff on Artstation. Have a look if you don't care to be a bit spoiled. And you know what? Joe was also part of it! Yes! Joe Madureira created his own Artstation page! He shared there many pieces of art never revealed before, related to Battle Chasers Nightwar, Darksiders 3, Darksiders Genesis and some other miscellaneous stuff. This update is focused on those pieces of art. Not all were added to the site in this update but eventually they will ;).

So have a look to some more arts Joe Madureira did on Darksiders 3 and Darksiders Genesis:
The next huge news is that Joe Madureira announced during The Game Awards 2019 that Airship Syndicate will be the development studio in charge of a new game in the world of League of legends: "RUINED KING: A League of Legends Story". That game will be the first game "spin-off" of League of Legends and will be officially published by Riot Forge. Apart from the teaser trailer that you can discover below, what is known so far is that it will be a "turn-based RPG" taking place just after the events of the Burning Tides. You can read that story here and visit the official website for the RUINED KING game here.

Watch the RUINED KING: A League of Legends Story teaser trailer plus a short interview of Joe Madureira:

Final announcement for this update, UDON Entertainment announced "The art of Darksiders Genesis" available June 2020. Special note: this new artbook cover was done by Baldi Konijn. Remember that name! That guy did most of the character concepts for Darksiders Genesis. He did a freaking awesome work and won't stop just here! ;)
the art of Darksiders Genesis Baldi Konijn cover
The art of Darksiders Genesis
Baldi Konijn cover
I hope that you had some great holidays and that you played a lot to Darksiders Genesis. This is the game I played the most during those holidays and it's a gold nugget! The game has a metacritic score of 78/100 based on 56 critics. I think this is fair score even if it should probably be a lot more for a Darksiders fan. That War and Strife duo is just so fun, cool and funny! The gameplay is as fantastic as each cut scene and dialogue are. The only noticeable weak point of that game in my opinion is the camera but it's nothing compared to all its other fantastic assets.

And If you are still on the fence about buying Darksiders Genesis, then watch that "Accolades Trailer":

Again, Happy New Year to all of you!
Let's all work hard to make that new year as productive as possible!
Let's all be strong and persistent!

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