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2020 February 29

Hi JoeMAd fans!

Another small update this month as nothing particular has been revealed by Joe Madureira during that past month. As I said in the last update of December I would add sooner or later all the pieces of art that Joe shared on his Artstation page... well today is the day! ;)

Here are all the Battle Chasers Nightwar arts that were missing on Note: while the colored versions of those arts were already present on, the uncolored versions were not ;)

2 environment concepts for Battle Chasers Nightwar were still new reveals:
Also I still receive from time to time some Joe Mad sketch scans from some backers, many thanks to you for that!
So here is the sketch that Gerry Morigerato sent to me! Thank you Gerry!
Just like Garry if you possess an original art by Joe, you can send me a HD scan at: Thank you!

Let's all keep our fingers crossed and wish for some more fresh news from Joe in the coming weeks!

Also, I noticed that many new members joined the Joe Madureira Fan website group on Facebook!
The group is now composed of more than 1000 members! (1052 to be exact)
That's fantastic to see so many Joe Mad! fans and artists that are inspired by the work of Joe.
Continue to spread the world about Joe and of course about! ;)

Until next time!

Battle Chasers (BC)
Airship Syndicate
Grace Liu
Concept art
The Fishmonger
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