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Joe Mad Art forum link update #48 Join the JoeMadArt Forum!!

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2020 April 06 update #48
Join the JoeMadArt Forum!!

Hey guys!

I'm super happy to officially announce that the JoeMadArt forum is opened!

The URL is:!

To be precice, the forum is in fact accessible since the 31th of March but I only mentioned it on twitter and facebook for those who follow me. Installing and customizing it took me a lot of time. I learnt a lot (that was also the goal ;)) but it took me the whole month of march to make it ready. As a consequence this update doesn't contain any new piece of art... I didn't find the time and the courage to work on that part...

Anyway I really hope that you will be many to join and share your passion about the art of Joe Madureira!

Since the last update I noticed a good increase of fans who joined in the Facebook group, that's fantastic!
I also noticed that many discussions were related to some fan arts and how Joe inspired some of you.
All that convinced me that it was the right time to add a forum. The community around increased significantly and the topics discussed are so diverse that it's sometimes difficult to follow-up on a specific topic on facebook. The forum will be a better option for that in my opinion.

I did my best to customize the forum so that you feel "at home" there. I tried to give it a unique design in order to really differentiate it from any other forum. This forum will be an excellent way for me to get your remarks and suggestions:
You can find a "JoeMadArt Forum" and another "JoeMadArt Website" forum where you can tell me everything about either the forum or the website.

So don't hesitate! Let me know what you think of them and in particular of the new forum! :)
And if you find a bug you can also write in those forums!

For your information, for the design of the forum I only used pieces of arts that Joe did.

Here are the links to them for the reference:

Go register now and let's discuss all together!

I will add some new pieces of art in the next update! I Promise! ;)

Battle Chasers (BC)
Airship Syndicate
Vigil Games
Grace Liu
Concept art
Pio Ravago III
Marte Gracia
Have a look to the "Archive" menu for more updates!