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2020 April 30 update #49
Darksiders stuff again!

Hi guys!

I really do hope that you are safe during that COVID-19 crisis. Since most of you are confined then you may find the time for doing things that were on hold for a long time or maybe trying new things. It seems that's a bit the case for John Pearl (Design Director / Principal Artist at Gunfire Games) since he was able to find the time to dig into his personal files and found some old Joe Madureira artworks done for Darksiders and Darksiders 2!!
From any bad situation something good can still arise isn't it? ;)

So enjoy all those Darksiders and Darksiders 2 arts:
You may have noticed the storyboard that Joe did for Darksiders. The final trailer is so cool!
I suppose that it's the perfect time to watch again that Darksiders War trailer ;)

Also, I found by chance a better version of the Game Informer cover #219 featuring Darksiders 2! Note: That new version has a very nice size of 2461 x 1656px whereas the previous one was only 1920 x 1080px! Enjoy!

Another excellent addition to the site this month is the portrait of War from the BETA of Darksiders Genesis. If you carefully pay attention to the portrait in the final version, War's iconic sword the Chaoseater is not visible while it was in the BETA.
Many thanks to Billy Garretsen (Lead UX Designer at Airship Syndicate) for the share and... in HD (1658 x 2230px)!!
Apart that, as you may have noticed in the previous update, a forum dedicated to Joe MAdureira and the website is available! I invite you to register and participate! >> <<

For this update I also have something else new!
I've added a "Search" feature (see the button in the top menu) powered by Google. It's super accurate! Try it out, you will see! Go to the forum and let me know what you think of it in particular versus the "tagger". I think that this new search feature is a lot more powerful than the "tagger" so I will probably remove the "tagger" in a future update... I will see.

Until next time Joe Mad! fans! Be strong and... stay safe, stay at home if you can!

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