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Joe Mad Art forum link update #51 Savage wolverine #8 part 1!

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2020 October 08 update #51
Savage wolverine #8 part 1!

Hi Joe Mad fans!

Last month (plus a few days) on August 31 during the Summer Game Fest some super tiny information about Ruined King: A League of Legends Story were shared. Ruined King will be the first game of Riot Forge in partnership with Airship Syndicate with the goal of telling more about the lore of Runeterra and its heroes. The game will be available on many platforms (not only PC) even if none were mentioned. Nothing was shown from the game but just a concept of the Shadow Isles:
Check out the full interview with Joe Madureira, Rowan Parker and Geoff Keighley:

You can also discuss that 1st update about Ruined King: A League of Legends Story on the forum of

On my side I continue to share with you some pieces of arts that Joe did over the past years...
And today's update is focused on Savage wolverine #8 part 1 with the first 11 10 pencil pages: Note: page 6 is indeed missing, if one of you has a good scan of the pencil version, please contact me!

Also, I found recently on a never before seen pencil page of Sly Cooper: Note: The "Texture" version was added to the site a long time ago but that pencil version is new!

Stay tuned for more!

And if you want to discuss with some Joe Mad fans I encourage you to visit the official forum.
As well as the community on facebook

See you there!

Peter Steigerwald
Savage Wolverine
Shikaru the Mute
Mikaru the Blind
Kinjin the Faceless
Vanessa Fisk
Sly Cooper
Concept art
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