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2017 May 28

Random stuffs for that late update (sorry) and some good things for the next updates ;)

We all know that Joe nearly never does any commission in particular during conventions.
But in some rare occasions he does some exceptions.

So here are a few of them (probably the best ones) Joe did over the years:
You are already probably aware of it but and epic event occurred this month (On the 2nd of May to be precise)
Darksiders 3 logo

After so many years Darksiders 3 has officially been announced by Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic.

If you want to know more about it, IGN did many coverages/updates throughout of this month: And of course the official website of Darksiders has been updated:

But you probably have the question: is Joe Madureira involved in Darksiders3!?
Well as of now it has been officially said that Joe Madureira wasn’t involved in the game.
But, in a recent AMA (see link above), Gunfire Games kept some doubts about it: "While we are close with Joe and he works also with THQ Nordic on a project we can’t confirm anything here."
And that being said, Joe Madureira was contacted to create some brand new sketches of the new Horseman: Fury the rider of the black horse!

OK let’s stop the blabla here are the sketches:
Darksiders 3 Fury concept by Joe Madureira Fury in action
Darksiders 3 Fury concept by Joe Madureira Fury whip attacks

Note: I decided not to include officially those sketches to the site (index page) because I’m expecting to see some better quality versions sooner or later ;)

Now something else related to Battle Chasers NightWar:
As you may know, The Alpha began the 17 Of April.

For that occasion Joe revealed 2 burst arts of the game:
Also a little bit later Airship Syndicate revealed a new element of the game:

the "Thunderdome" arena with a bunch of new wallpapers:
And to celebrate the release of the Alpha I have something great to show!
Many of you just like me were probably waiting for the official Battle Chasers NightWar key art colored by Johannes Helgeson to be released in HD (like the other version colored by Grace Liu)

Well... I was able to find it on the internet! here it is:
Note: this is an update of the previous version from 1920 x 1045px to 4000 x 2185px!

And now to wrap up that update of May I'm very pleased to announced that I’ve recently received the contribution of multiple VIP!
They provided me with some new pieces of art and some better quality versions of those already present on the website!
So stay tune for the next updates of! ;)

And just to give you an example what about that Battle Chasers comic #1 page11:
Note: I know that one isn common, but looks at the resolution of the inked version! That one was given to me by Tom McWeeney!
... And there are many more! ;)

Battle Chasers (BC)
Grace Liu
Airship Syndicate
Fan art
Wonder woman
Wendy Williams
Lycelot Chieftain
Image Comics
2017 April 17

So happy to add those pages of the Inhuman #3 comic that Joe Madureira did in 2014.
The reason is simple, I think the cover is one among the best Joe did (That's why it's in the banner of the site ;))
Both Joe and Marte Gracia (colors) did an amazing job on that comic and that cover.
The way Dante/Inferno draws attention is fantastic (Colors + pose & face expression)

Simply follow the links below if you want to follow Marte Gracia on social medias: Have a look below to the first 9 pages and the cover of Inhuman #3:
You can buy Inhuman #3 digitally on
Or you can buy Inhuman #3 digitally on

Also, prior to working on Inhuman #1, Joe revealed back in 2013 three fantastic exploration drawings of Medusa:
That "Hair shield" and "Hulk hands" concepts are epic!
I regret they weren't used/included into any of the 3 comics Joe did for the Inhuman series.

Important reminder: this Monday (in a few hours) is the release of the Alpha of Battle Chasers NightWar!
Check your mail box and the social medias for the official update! I can't wait! ;)
As a reminder, here are the links: That's all for now!

Marte Gracia
Concept art
Mother Bones
2017 March 27

Let's go back to the roots of Joe MAdureira!
The comic Uncanny X-Men #312 was the first of a very long series (24 comics).
That series wasn't of course the first work of Joe but was probably the experience that made him become so famous as a comic penciler.

As of today, it's very difficult to find some good quality scans of the ink or even rarer pencil versions of those pages. So I apologize in advance if the quality of those I found isn't always good.
And again, if you have any better versions, I would be very pleased to add them to the site! ;)

Ok so here are the first 12 pages of Uncanny X-Men" #312:
You can buy Uncanny X-Men" #312 digitally on
Or you can also buy Uncanny X-Men" #312 digitally on

And now something totally different but very fun! :)
Ryan Stefanelli shared on twitter "how to fix a wine stain on your desk: have a comic legend nearby to mock you."
I found that one excellent! Plus, not only that fix gives a nice touch to that desk but I think it has probably increased its value a lot! :)
And I like that wise comment from Joe: "Drink responsibly!" ;)

Here is the Spider-Man doodle by Joe Madureira and he signed it!
To finish, just like in the last 2 updates I have a new video to share! Chris Brooks (Technical Director at Airship Syndicate) and Anna Maree presented a pre-alpha version of Battle Chasers NightWar at Pax East 2017 (12 March 2017).
You can discover many aspects and mechanisms of the game as well as some brand new pieces of art by Joe Madureira!
Battle Chasers NightWar: Hagatha the BeastMaster
Battle Chasers NightWar: The collector
Battle Chasers NightWar: Quall
Battle Chasers NightWar: Dogan
Battle Chasers NightWar: UI Dungeon help
Battle Chasers NightWar: UI Combat help
Battle Chasers NightWar: Victory crest
Battle Chasers NightWar: Dungeon screenshot
Battle Chasers NightWar: Combo wave art
Battle Chasers NightWar: Team UI
Battle Chasers NightWar: MAP
Battle Chasers NightWar: Dungeon difficulty select screen

For the information the Alpha of Battle Chasers NightWar has been announced for April 17th in the Kickstarter update of March! Save the date! ;)
The Alpha access will be given to all the those that backed the project at the "Personal Edition" pledge level and above.
And if you missed that opportunity during the Kickstarter campaign you can still pre-order a "Personal Edition" on the official Battle Chasers store.

Have a look to that Battle Chasers NightWar presentation:

That's all for now.

And don't hesitate to reach me on Twitter @Ulkhror or by email (
Thanks for reading! ;)

Steve Buccellato
Double page
Airship Syndicate
2017 February 25

Hey! I know this month update is a little bit late but that's because it's a special day today!
Yes! Today celebrates his first year anniversary! :)
Even if the website hasn't evolved that much during that first year I'm very happy by what it has become.
The number of visits keeps growing month after month and it's very grateful!
With that update, contains about 340 unique illustrations of Joe Madureira and more than 500 images!

And for this month...
Let's begin with the art that was revealed last month during the 12 Hours Livestream of Crowfall:
Followed by some random stuff (Battle Chasers and X-men):
And to finish... Special anniversary! ;)
I added all the remaining Darksiders sketches I have:
Special thanks again to John Pearl that gave me those sketches some months ago!
That's everything I have about Darksiders until some new pieces of art come out of nowhere (I know there are some!) :)

Also, even if it's a little bit old now I know...
I uploaded on Youtube a video of Joe and his brother Steve at E3 2016 (June 17, 2016) doing a demo of Battle Chasers Nightwar:

Enjoy! :)
And don't hesitate to reach me on Twitter @Ulkhror or by email (

Vigil Games
Concept art
Darksiders 2
Battle Chasers (BC)
Image Comics
Nei Ruffino
New York Comic Con (NYCC)
Danger Girl
2017 January 22

Happy new year!
Let's start this new year strong with many pages (colors + pencil versions) of the Savage Wolverine #6 comic that Joe did in 2013!

That update completes the set of pages of that comic:
I'm very happy and excited by this new year because Battle Chasers NightWar is just around the corner!
Joe recently revealed that the game is planned to be released in July of this year!
And for the backers that pledged enough during the Kickstarter campaign, the alpha should arrive in February or March!
Speaking about Battle Chasers the "December Battle Chasers: Nightwar Update!" by Airship Syndicate revealed 2 new characters in the lore!

Find below the arts (Good resolution) of the Beastmaster(mistress) and the tavern keeper Dogan:
I also added a new unofficial coloured version of an NYCC 2013 Battle Chasers print.
The famous Markovah Taduran (The one that colored multiple gorgeous Red Monika prints in 2012/2013) decided to color that old print.
The result is beautiful (See the "Other" version)!
In addition to those pieces of arts, I decided to create a Youtube Channel for
I decided to do that because I wanted to find a place where I could collect some videos of Joe Madureira (obviously ;)).
I will try to gather as many videos as possible as long as I have the agreement of the author to do so or if there is no copyright on them...
And who knows, I may be able to create my own exclusive videos from time to time!
Have a look to my humble Youtube Channel dedicated to Joe Mad!! ;)

And to introduce my Channel I propose you to watch that recent video of Joe invited at the Crowfall 12 Hours Livestream:

If you want to know more about Battle Chasers NightWar or CrowFall games click on the links below:
Let's now finish that first update of 2017 with the list of the events where it should be possible to meet Joe in 2017 (Unconfirmed):
I wish you the best for that promising year! ;)

Savage Wolverine
Peter Steigerwald
Lady Bullseye
Battle Chasers (BC)
Airship Syndicate
Grace Liu
Concept art